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Alta Zero Carbon Technology Villa

Alta Zero Emission Carbon Technology Villa

Advantages of Villa With Zero Carbon

1. Prefabricated quasi-passive house technology

The prefabricated construction technology of sandwich structure or anti-sandwich structure can easily realize that the wall with ordinary thickness, can reach the standard of passive house—the demand of cold and heat per square meter is 15W (the demand of cold and heat per square meter of ordinary housing is between 200W and 300W). It can make house warm in winter and cool in summer, and the four seasons are like spring.

2. Nano rare earth suspended screen glass

Technology of suspension glass made of Nano rare earth can achieve nearly 100% isolation from infrared and ultraviolet. It is the product with latest energy-saving high-tech adopted by the Empire State Building in the United States. It can greatly reduce excessive energy consumption, which caused by the excessive sunlight and heat flow into house as the wide-spread use of glass doors and windows.

3. Photovoltaic building with integration technology

The technology adopts the latest single-crystal PERC double-glass double-sided, power generation module technology, with a power of more than 300W per square meter, and a zero-carbon villa covering an area of 80 square meters. The usable area of the roof of the zero-carbon villa can reach more than 80 square meters. If you make eaves out impending style, the usable area can easily reach more than 100 square meters, and the installed capacity can reach more than 30KW. According to Thailand’s data 1,500 hours annual effective radiation, each zero-carbon villa can generate more than 40,000 kWh, which can fully meet the needs of each zero-carbon villa’s own energy consumption and the electricity demand for the use of pure electric vehicles in the house.
The photovoltaic building with integration technology that uses solar modules as the building’s own facade material, greatly reduces the cost of the building’s facade, and effectively reduces the direct sunlight on the building itself, thereby isolate most of the sun’s heat and further reduce The energy consumption of the building itself.
The solar modules on the top surface also have the function of collecting rainwater, which can be used after the rainwater is filtered, collected and purified, mainly for the purposes of cleaning and irrigation.

4. Smart energy and energy storage technology

In areas where there is no power grid, the surplus power can be stored in a household energy storage system (in the case of a single villa) or a central energy storage system (in the case of a community villa) through the integrated solar storage inverter, and then dispatch and use according to the actual demand of each villa Electricity.
Combined with the technology of charging pile, install pure charging piles of electric vehicle for each household, use green electricity to drive pure electric vehicles, and realize two-way power supply for the vehicle and house, so that the zero-carbon villa owners can truly achieve the goal of zero-carbon travel.
In areas with power grids, solar energy can be converted into electrical energy through photovoltaic grid-connected inverters and sent to the grid for consumption, and the power generated by solar energy can be used 24 hours a day through the technology of two-way metering (Net Metering).

5. Five Constants and technology of environmental control

Achieve indoors with constant temperature, constant humidity, constant oxygen, constant static, and constant cleanliness.

Based on the capillary tubes buried in the floor, the geothermal heat pump/air source heat pump and the central dehumidification/humidification system, the zero-carbon villa  can realise all seasons like spring all the year-round.
The fresh wind air quality control system can bring constant temperature, humidity, fresh air, fine dust and low-noise, five-constant environment.

6. Water Automatic production and purification technology

The electricity generated by solar energy is used to drive the unit of water making by condensed air to produce a large amount of purified water, which is mineralized into mineral water suitable for drinking, offer it for the owners of zero-carbon villas to cook and drink.

7. Superior disaster prevention design

The most stable foundation combined with the dexterous design of the cage structure of the prefabricated building, can withstand the typhoon of 12 forces and the M8 earthquake.

Highlights of Zero Carbon Villas 

Villas with Zero-carbon technology are not subject to any geographical restrictions, and can be used anywhere in the world, it can achieve a perfect and comfortable zero-carbon lifestyle through zero- carbon villas, no matter if it is on Islands, deserts, or mountain tops, zero-carbon villas will offer the owner one perfect and comfortable home; the top-level disaster-proof design can protect the owner from Harassment of natural disasters, sit still at home, even if it’s windy, or the ground and Mountain shake outside.
With the support of a number of high/black technologies, the team from American Alta technical has passed Search more than ten years , create the best algorithm for matching between various systems, and offer zero-carbon villas New life, make it become a building with human wisdom.
The design of villas with zero-carbon technology greatly reduces the villa’s cost of use and travel. The house owner just do one-time investment, and get life-long income.
The advantage of prefabricated building is that it can be completed quickly, and can be delivered to the owner in about a month, which can further realize the business model of high investment, high turnover and high return in the real estate industry.
Analysis Of Market Demand 


Zero Carbon Villa

High technological content
Extreme comfort
Super safety
Fast construction speed
Large market demand


General Villa

Slow construction speed
Poor security
High labor cost
No energy saving and environmental protection
Profit Analysis Of Zero Carbon Villas 

Remarks: R&D costs are consumed according to the project schedule, shared based on every 1000 sets, 33,000 RMB per set.

Three-year Plan For Zero Carbon Villas 


Risk Control and Assessment Of Zero Carbon Villas 

Invest in zero-carbon technology, zero risk, in line with the advantages of international carbon-neutral development !

Compliance Control

Alta Zero Carbon Villa must fully comply with the relevant Thai standards, and then it can be promoted in the market on a large scale only after fully complying, otherwise it will face great legal risks.

Fluctuations of material price 

Fluctuations of material price may bring higher or lower procurement costs. Long-term supply orders can be signed when prices are low. Avoid risk of price rising.

Fluctuations of exchange rate 

Fluctuations of exchange rate may also bring higher or lower procurement costs, The impact of exchange rate fluctuations can be offset by lock-in exchange rates or way of domestic guarantees and foreign loans (Overseas bank offering FCY credits (or loan) which secured by SBLC(Stand By Letter of Credit) provided from domestic bank).


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