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Length Options 12m
Maximum Speed (km/h) ≥75
Wheelbase (mm) 5,990
Curb Weight (kg) 12,660
Mass or Gross Weight (kg) 18,010
Maximum Gradeability (%) 12
Maximum Power (kwH) 91.64
Front Axle & Rear Axle 8.5T & 13T
Tires 275/70 R22.5
Battery Lithium-ion | 10 years
Passengers 90+
Safety and Quality Anti-Collision Safety System | Reverse Monitoring System | Traffic Safety Monitoring | Energy Recovery System | Air Condition | Electric Heating | Power Steering

Alta Zero has anxiously awaited the release of our hybrid “new energy” technology 12 meter mass transit city bus. This technology allows the bus to run on petroleum and an electric battery – approximately 3 gallons per 100 kilometers of charge. Just as impressive is the fact that this bus can operate on a single charge over the lifetime of the bus if hydrogen is available to supply the electric battery! We believe this is the perfect transportation option that addresses the global infrastructure challenges in many foreign and underdeveloped countries.

*Disclaimer: All information based on the latest data available. Final specs subject to change at production.