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Hydrogenated Energy Refinery

Alta Zero Emissions Solutions, Inc. innovations include next generation clean energy transportation technology utilizing hydrogen and electric batteries. Like electricity, hydrogen is an energy carrier, not an energy source, and can deliver or store a tremendous amount of energy.Hydrogen is the most abundant element and can cleanly and safely be transported over long distances via pipelines, or in liquid form, much like liquefied natural gas.

The International Energy Agency (IEA), a 30 country membership organization dedicated to reliable and affordable clean energy,recently released a report calling for a greater use of hydrogen to reduce atmospheric carbon emissions. The IEA indicated that hydrogen can tackle various critical energy challenges and offered a range of sectors where it’s proving difficult to meaningfully reduce emissions – including long haul transport, chemicals and iron and steel production.

Alta has leveraged decades of research, development and testing which has shown that hydrogen technology is a workable, economically viable alternative suited for mass adoption. Weare working with industry leaders on our hydrogenated energy refinery design, construction and speciality gas operations. Our business partners operate in more than 100 countries with a commitment to corporate responsibility and execution of sustainable development projects.We invite you to learn more about this refinery today.