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  • Electric mobility consultation and support across all project phases.
  • Emissions reducing solutions such as bus re-manufacturing and repair.
  • Our state of the art technology delivers the most economical, most environmentally friendly electric and highest power output car options.
  • Running cost savings of approximately two thirds compared to traditional cars.
  • Our dual charge vehicles powered by either hydrogen and electricity or fuel and electricity allow drivers to go further.

Our Vehicles Operate Using “Unrestricted Self-Charging” Hydrogen and Electric Technology. Only One Charge is Needed For Each Vehicle.


Our Vehicles Exceed The Distance of Any Hydrogen Fuel Cell Or Electric Vehicle Currently On The Market.


Our Technology Reduces Operational Costs For Any Traditional Or Clean Energy Vehicle On The Road Today.


Electric Mobility Consultation

Alta Zero Emissions Solutions, Inc provide sits clients with detailed considerations and decision on the best clean energy transportation approach to efficient electric vehicle adoption and sustainability. Alta’s inventory of electric cars, buses, trucks, SUVs, mass transit and military vehicles positions us industry leaders in clean energy transportation.  We support all project phases, from initial planning and conception, to procurement and the electrical operation and maintenance of your vehicle fleet.


Alta Zero Emissions Solutions, Inc. is continually developing progressive technology to ensure our vehicles exceed the range of any hydrogen fuel cell or electric car, truck, and bus currently on the market. Not only does this technology reduce environmental impact, but substantially reduces the operational costs associated with traditional and clean energy vehicles currently available. Please visit our Products page to learn about the current zero emission vehicles we offer on the market today.

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