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Alta Zero Emissions Solutions Inc. is committed to providing sustainable, efficient, and user-friendly electric mobility technology. Our team has implemented joint development agreements to incorporate industry-leading advancements in our vehicle offerings. We offer “unrestricted self-charging” hydrogen and electric technology, which allows for only one required plug-in charge per the life of the vehicle.

Alta Zero Emissions Solutions Inc. is continually developing progressive technology to ensure our vehicles exceed the range of any hydrogen fuel cell or electric car, truck, and bus currently on the market. Not only does this technology reduce environmental impact, but it also substantially reduces the operational costs associated with the traditional and clean energy vehicles currently available.


  • Drive farther – our combination of hydrogen and electric technology extends the mileage of typical electric cars
  • Charge less – our vehicles only require one plug-in charge, as opposed to other models that require nightly overnight charging
  • A quiet ride – enjoy a smooth, noiseless ride wherever you go
  • Save money on gas – electric cars drastically reduce fuel consumption and associated costs by upwards of $1000 each month
  • Decreased maintenance – electric cars eliminate the need for oil changes and contain fewer parts overall, making maintenance issues few and far between
  • Environmental impact – do your part to promote sustainability and environmental awareness by reducing carbon dioxide and other global warming emissions

Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

Alta Zero Emissions Solutions, Inchas a competitive advantage in the lithium ion battery market as we produce leading-edge lithium ionbatteries (LIBs) uniquely possessing “unrestricted self-charging” technology. This “unrestricted self-charging” safely increases the range for all electric vehicles (AEVs) to over 400 miles, while most electric vehicles today have a range of 200-250 miles per charge. When a battery charge is depleted it can take 30 minutes (fast charging) up to an average of 9 hours to fully re-charge an EV. Adoption of Alta’s battery technology will allow for only one required plug-in charge per the life of the vehicle.

Current LIBs are environmentally sound and improve the lifespan of a battery over its nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) cells and lead acid cell predecessors. They are considered the “go to” option for AEVs – includingplug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and fuel cell electric vehicles(FCEVs). Alta’s “gold standard” LIB technology will reduce the need for expansive charging station infrastructure, allowing the adoption of EVs to substantially increase over time. Alta is spearheading the manufacturing and distribution of our “unrestricted self-charging” clean energy technology. We invite you to learn more about the development of this innovative approach to AEVs today.

Hydrogenated Energy Refinery

Alta Zero Emissions Solutions, Inc. innovations include next generation clean energy transportation technology utilizing hydrogen and electric batteries. Like electricity, hydrogen is an energy carrier, not an energy source, and can deliver or store a tremendous amount of energy.Hydrogen is the most abundant element and can cleanly and safely be transported over long distances via pipelines, or in liquid form, much like liquefied natural gas.

The International Energy Agency (IEA), a 30 country membership organization dedicated to reliable and affordable clean energy,recently released a report calling for a greater use of hydrogen to reduce atmospheric carbon emissions. The IEA indicated that hydrogen can tackle various critical energy challenges and offered a range of sectors where it’s proving difficult to meaningfully reduce emissions – including long haul transport, chemicals and iron and steel production.

Magnetic Apparatus

The Spin Magnetic Diabetes Treatment Instrument absorbs electronics, physics, energy, neuroscience and other disciplines, integrates multidisciplinary high-end technology and wood, and combines a variety of trace elements in scientific proportions. In the form of magnetic rotation, the probes A,B,C,D of the instrument are used to act on the eight major meridian points of the human body to adjust the biological effects of the human body, improve the activity of the organ tissue cells, enhance autoimmune function and self repair ability, improve the metabolic disorders of sugar, protein, fat, achieve metabolic balance of the body, replenish energy to damaged islet cells, increase and enhance the role of glucose carrier genes, promote blood oxygen metabolism, reorganize islet cells for normal division and reproduction, and make insulin secretion, excretion, functioning and other functional tissues to achieve the ideal metabolic program, and then to achieve the restoration of islet function. The instrument has been clinically tested by many domestic medical institutions which fully proves that it has a significant therapeutic effect and overall rehabilitation function for diabetes and its complications.

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