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Intelligent Transportation Solutions

Alta Zero Emissions Solutions, Inc(Alta) is the premier organization providing clean energy transportation solutions worldwide. Alta is responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of hybrid and zero emissions buses, cars, trucks, SUVs and defense vehicles.

1.) Shape

2.) Sustainability

3.) Material Excellence

4.) Engineering

Ultimate Protection

Hurricane-Proof, Earthquake-Proof, Flood-Proof and White Ants-Proof Homes.

Experience peace of mind with our hurricane-proof, earthquake-proof, flood-proof and white ants-proof homes. Built to withstand nature’s wrath, these homes offer unparalleled safety, ensuring your family’s well-being during the storm.

Find Your Perfect Vehicle

Whether high speed or low key, there’s a vehicle for every lifestyle and occasion.

Air Plane


Recreational Boat


Earthquake-Resistant Homes

Elevate your safety with our earthquake-resistant homes. Designed and constructed to endure seismic forces, these houses offer unmatched protection, preserving your family’s security and peace of mind when it matters most.

Featured Vehicle

Alta Zero Carbon Technology Villa

Experience sustainable luxury at Alta Zero Carbon Technology Villa. Immerse in eco-friendly living with cutting-edge technology, reducing carbon footprint. Discover a greener tomorrow.

Alta Zero Emission Yacht 55ft

Sail into the future with Alta’s 55ft Zero Emission Yacht. Experience the thrill of emission-free adventures on the open seas, redefining luxury with eco-conscious maritime innovation

Alta 48ft Zero Emission Catamaran

Embark on eco-friendly journeys with Alta’s 48ft Zero Emission Catamaran. Experience the open waters in style, powered by innovative technology, leaving only ripples behind.

Alta Zero Emission Ocean Eco 90

Discover the Alta Zero Emission Ocean Eco 90, a vessel that redefines eco-friendly maritime exploration. Glide through the waves with advanced green technology, preserving the ocean’s beauty.

Our Services

Electric Mobility Consultation



Alex Turner

Thrilled with my Alta Zero Emission Yacht! Luxe comfort and guilt-free cruising. A true gem for eco-conscious adventurers.

Olivia Martinez

Alta's 48ft Catamaran exceeded expectations. Zero emissions, stunning design—sailing the seas sustainably has never been this enjoyable.

Ethan Reynolds

The Ocean Eco 90 is a game-changer! Spacious, efficient, and environmentally conscious. Alta delivers on their promise of luxury with a green touch.

Adam Murphy

Alta's Zero Emission technology is a game-changer. The 55ft Yacht combines elegance and sustainability seamlessly.


Alta Zero Emissions Solutions Inc. is committed to providing sustainable, efficient, and user-friendly electric mobility technology. Our team has implemented joint development agreements to incorporate industry-leading advancements in our vehicle offerings. We offer “unrestricted self-charging” hydrogen and electric technology, which allows for only one required plug-in charge per the life of the vehicle.

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