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Alta Zero Emissions Solutions, Inc(Alta) is the premier organization providing clean energy transportation solutions worldwide. Alta is responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of hybrid and zero emissions buses, cars, trucks, SUVs and defense vehicles.

Alta supports the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the United Nation’s body for assessing the science related to climate change.  IPCC assessments are written by hundreds of leading scientists who volunteer their time and expertise to provide a scientific foundation for governments at all levels to develop climate-related policies and implement impactful changes to positively effect a cleaner Earth.

Alta is also the only American corporation appointed as member of the Chinese World Trade Organization Trade Promotion Center in Shenzhen, China. Alta is licensed and authorized to utilize the intellectual property and technology developed with our partners internationally.



Alta aims to provide clean energy vehicles to every household and zero emissions buses to every community across North America, Africa, Central and South America. Alta envisions environmentally friendly communities with reduced reliance on petroleum to support climate change efforts and improve air quality.


Alta Zero Emissions Solutions, Inchas heard the serious climate call to action and uses world leading technology to deliver sustainable and scalable clean energy transportation solutions worldwide. Alta drives growth and affordability in the clean energy industry.


Our core values are the guiding principles of our Company’s actions.

  • Drive to pursue growth and learning
  • Respect for the Earth and our customers
  • Integrity of our products and services
  • Inspire the clean energy industry
  • Commitment to innovation and quality
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